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Our History

Frösunda started out from a single basic idea; that persons with disabilities should be able to participate in society and be able to enjoy all the activities and experiences it has to offer.

From Frö to quality of life

The name Frösunda is more than 1,000 years old. The company was established at a place where, during the Middle Ages, there was once a sound, today's Brunnsviken, and a small farming village consisting of five homesteads. Both the sound and the village were named after the fertility goddess Frö, or Freya.

Engineers and noble ladies have trod this ground

In the 17th century, the nobles took over. They erected buildings here for almost 300 years, even laying out an English park. Towards the end of the 18th century, Lieutenant Adolph Fredric Wijnblad ran a model garden using his own innovative methods, and during the 19th century the area was planted with an experimental orchard. The results must have been highly successful, considering that the fertility goddess herself was supervising the work.

In the early 20th century, the State purchased the Frösunda area for military purposes and built barracks, offices, hospitals, stables, etc. The Svea Regiment of Engineers and the Signals Regiment were stationed here until 1970, when they marched away for good and the City of Solna took over.

Many of the old buildings are national building monuments and have been lovingly restored and renovated. Today, new residences, hotels and offices stand by the old buildings. In 1987, the company of Frösunda set up in the area and, as the original farming community once took its name from Frö, took the name of Frösunda from the name of the village that had stood there one thousand years previously – a remarkable continuity.

Frösunda Center the present-day nursery

Frösunda started out from a single basic idea: that the functionally disabled should be able to participate in community life and be able to enjoy all the activities and experiences it has to offer. The year was 1987, and the company was called Frösunda Center; it worked with the physical rehabilitation of disabled people, primarily those with spinal injuries, and children in particular. Frösunda Center was the nursery in which we learned about caring, sensitivity and development from the ground up. Since then, all this has been part of Frösunda's soul.

LSS a driving force

In 1994, the Act Concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments (LSS) was introduced, creating a strong demand for exactly the sort of skills and commitment we had to offer. Naturally, our basic idea – our sensitive approach and ability to give personal assistance to the disabled with a view to helping them to become independent people and enjoy the highest possible quality of life – could easily be adapted to other groups.

The parts make up the whole

The personal assistance operations first run within Frösunda Center become a single company – Frösunda Assistans. In 2002, Frösunda Center changed its name to Rehab Station Stockholm. Frösunda then began acquiring other companies so as to enable us to offer both the disabled and the residents a more active day.

Frösunda was created in 2004 by merging the businesses of the previous Frösunda Assistans, Frösunda Vårdcentrum, MOA (Mälardalens omsorgsalternativ) and Rehab Station Stockholm.

Frösunda continuing to develop

Frösunda is now Sweden's largest company of its kind and is the leader in helping people with functional impairments to lead a better life. Our professional corporate culture and strong humanitarian values enable us to attract the most skilled and the most committed staff. The entire company focuses on providing every one of our customers with the highest possible quality of life in terms of confidence, contentment, personal development and independence during the course of the day.

During spring 2010 HG Capital acquired Frösunda from the former owner Polaris Equity. HG Capital is a leading investor in European sector focused private equity market. Health care is, among other, a sector they specialized within. As Frösunda's owner, HG Capital contributes with deep sector knowledge and a proactive partnership.

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