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Frösunda intends to be the first choice in the Nordic region and a role model for how social care is operated in a responsible way and with high quality.

Frösunda's quality policy and quality work are based on the laws that govern care and healthcare providers and on research and evidence based methods. To this we have added the values based on the customers' individual needs and wishes. The fundamental components in our definition of quality are: Customer Satisfaction, Contract Reliability and Regulatory Compliance.

How we create satisfied customers

We know from experience that there are three factors that determine how customers experience the quality in the services we provide: accessibility, confidence and transparency.

  • Accessibility is ensuring that our customers and the people close to them can reach us in the manner and at the times that suit them.
  • Confidence is ensured through our constant efforts to maintain and reinforce the continuity of all aspects of our services, such as in personal contacts, times, documentation, routines and functioning alarms.
  • Transparency means that clients, customers and the people close to them will know what they can expect from Frösunda in all situations. It also means that we accept responsibility for any mistakes or shortcomings that may arise for customers, their relatives or clients and we are transparent about the steps we take and the results of internal and external scrutiny.

Customer Ombudsman

Frösunda has had a customer ombudsman for many years. The position involves acting as a bridge between Frösunda and the customers. The customer ombudsman presents the customer's case when the customer and the company are unable to fully resolve a complaint. Independence is important and the customer ombudsman therefore reports directly to Frösunda's CEO.

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