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This is Frösunda

We offer personal support through the following services:

Personal assistance - Activity promotes self confidence

In Sweden personal assistance is an individual right aimed at giving people with significant disabilities and considerable assistance needs the opportunity of an independent and active life. This  right encompasses children, adolescents and adults and is based on strong legislation on the rights and equal value of all people. What all of our customers have in common is that they have made an active choice and they have many options to choose from. A personal assistant may be a relative, someone who is employed by the disabled person, or may be provided by a private company offering such services. A cooperative may also be formed for this purpose. We regard this range of options as a driver of development.

Disabilities - Meeting the individual where they are

We have something to offer to a wide target group of people with disabilities who need care and support. One group of clients are physically healthy but have a learning disability, another group is made up of people with neuropsychiatric disabilities, primarily Asperger syndrome and autism. Some individuals have strong integrity and can be difficult to reach out to and persuade that they need help and support. We also have clients who have sustained brain damage and who often require high levels of care.

For us it's all about meeting the individual where they are. This guides the choice of care and helps find the right solution. The options include day centre, independent accommodation, temporary accommodation, coaching, befriending, or school.

Individual and family - Everyone has the right to a future

Frösunda's individual and family care is available throughout the country, helping children, adolescents and adults. Both the adults and young people have, in most cases, done what they can to the best of their ability, but have been unable to put things right. That is where society has created an option. When parents fail, society and other adults step in. This is based on the principle that all children are of equal importance and have the same value. Everyone should have a future. To step in as a professional and solve problems that have arisen requires professional knowledge, empathy and an open and non-judgemental attitude. This is particularly important in encounters with young people who have not chosen their situation themselves and perhaps have also learnt not to trust anyone.

Social Services makes a basic assessment of the person's needs. Often it is a question of improving problem relationships, e.g. with parents, teachers or friends. It may involve changing unsuccessful behaviour and bringing structure into a person's daily life. When we come into the picture an important part of our role is to invite the young person to participate in their own life and to feel that this might be an option.

Elderly care with the customer in focus

By treating them with an attitude based on respect, consideration and professionalism, we want to ensure that every individual gets a good daily life, based on their needs and wishes.

Here at Frösunda we have developed our own method for how we want to work in elderly care. We call it the 'My and We' method – My stands for the client's 'My day' and We is for 'How we want to develop in a learning organization'. 'My day' is a tool that we use to work with each client to plan the kind of daily life he or she would like from us. At the time of moving in, we go through a questionnaire to find out what the client needs in order to have a dignified life with as much autonomy as possible in their daily life. The questionnaire covers food, meal times, activities, current and former interests, and daily habits. It also covers how the client wishes to be approached and spoken to, and what they need in order to be able to feel safe at night. The focus is on health, and preserving the individual's existing abilities, as well as social activities that can promote wellbeing. Much of the approach is preventive: preparing the surroundings to ensure there is nothing that could be frightening or confusing. Our goal is for our elderly clients to feel that they have a meaningful, understandable and manageable existence – a feeling of belonging.

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